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Welcome to the State of Arkansas Board of Examiners of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.
The State Board of Examiners of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors is in the process of promulgating Rules & Regulations governing drug and alcohol counselors. The public comment period will end and a public hearing will be held on 03/14/14, beginning at 1:30 at the Office of the Attorney General, 323 Center St., Ste. 200, Little Rock, AR 72201. Anyone wishing to address the proposed Rule change may submit written comments to the Board office no later than one week prior to the public hearing or appear at the public hearing. The Board will consider all comments and then determine whether any changes in the proposed rules are necessary based on those comments. See attached document.

Registered Supervisor Requirements
Our mission is to protect the public by upholding the standards of practice for alcoholism and drug abuse counselors.

On behalf of the members of the Board and staff, we hope this web site will prove to be a useful tool for both the public and for certified and licensed alcohol and drug abuse personnel.

For individuals seeking certification or licensure in the State of Arkansas, a request for application is provided under the Licensure Information link.

“This Board is authorized by Arkansas Code Annotated section 17-27-401 to 416 to license alcoholism and drug abuse counselors and to regulate such licensees to protect the public from unqualified or unprofessional persons holding themselves out to the public to be licensed alcoholism and drug abuse counselors.  The Board is also authorized to investigate complaints and sanction licensed alcoholism and drug abuse counselors who violate the rules or ethics code of the Board.”


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